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Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, painter or carpenter, one thing is certain… you need Insurance for Tradesmen.

At 7692024 km2 Australia is undeniably vast and within the borders of this expansive country is amazing diversity – the landscapes, ethnic backgrounds, food, music, art and sport. The climate ranges from snow, frost and floods to desert, dust and sweltering heat.

Consequently Aussie tradies offer a diverse range of trades and have the ability to perform those trades in varying conditions and sometimes extreme locations.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

What it is: Commercial Insurance will pay for the replacement of your work vehicle in the event of theft or damage to your vehicle. Tradies need Commercial Vehicle Insurance! Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance premium could be cheaper if you have no driving infringements, convictions and are driving with a clean record. Your No Claim Bonus could be as much as …

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Tradesman Tools

Tools Insurance

What it is: Tools Insurance will pay for the replacement of your tools in the event of theft or damage to your tools such as flood, fire or vandalism. There are different types of tools insurance available. It is worth looking for an insurance policy that covers tools and stock such as fittings, cables, plugs, building supplies etc) which may …

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Injured Tradesman

Injury and Illness Insurance

What it is: Injury and Illness Insurance (formerly Income Protection Insurance) is just that… Insurance that covers you in times when you are injured or suffer an illness that means you can’t work. Injury & Illness Insurance comprises two basic policies: Accident Only or Sickness & Accident. Injury & Illness Insurance is a 24/7 insurance policy. This means it provides …

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Public Liability Insurance

What it is: The sole purpose of tradesman’s Public Liability Insurance is to protect the tradesman or sub-contractor against financial claims in the event of damage to a property or injury to people, other than employees, that have been caused by the tradesman or a member of the tradesman’s staff. Whether you work for yourself as a sole operator or …

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Types of Insurance

As you research insurance products for tradesmen you will soon discover that insurance can be confusing. Different insurers offer different products covering different things and there is the risk that you may end up choosing an insurance policy which doesn’t give you the right cover or adequate protection for your requirements. To make it easy for you to find the …

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Portable Trade Insurance

Do you need Insurance that’s Portable?

As a nation we tend to travel great distances and for tradies this can mean having to travel to where the work is. As a tradesman it is important to note that travelling for work might affect your Tradie Insurance. For example, if you are an electrician it is important to check that your Public Liability Insurance complies with the …

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